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Overflow Magazine Article


As you enter Spa Moritz Salon and Spa, there is an overwhelming sense of peace that is not motivated by the serene music or dim lighting, but by the power of the Holy Spirit. You find yourself in another world. The exterior deceives what the visitor will encounter within this exquisite space. You are welcomed by a warm environment reminiscent of Rome with a classical motif. The rich brown stained concrete floors pull you in as your eyes are drawn up to the soft hue of the stone walls, columns, and the beautiful tray ceiling in the lobby. It is obvious that every interior detail was chosen with extreme care to produce an atmosphere conducive to a luxurious experience that will leave you wanting more. The interior is beautifully done, but the true treasure of Spa Moritz rests within the hearts of Dyan Piller and her staff of 31.

Dyan Piller is owner and operator of Spa Moritz. She is also an Esthetician and Permanent Make-up Artist. Dyan has been in the Beauty industry for the last 20 years. She worked 8 years for Pevonia, which is one of the largest skin care lines in the world. While at Pevonia, Dyan was mentored by Sylvie Hennessy, who is one of the most renowned individuals in professional skin care products in the world. Dyan has visited some of the most grandiose spas in the world. “A lot of what you see here [at Spa Moritz] is bits and pieces of her history in this industry,” states Dyan’s husband.

Dyan’s husband, Dennis, handles public relations and marketing for Spa Moritz. They have been married for 11 years. Their interaction with each other reveals that they have been together for a long time, but they still have that "honeymooner" type of love and chemistry between them. They also enjoy working together. Dennis is very supportive of Dyan’s dream. He states, “This was her dream and so she asked if I would support her in it.” Dyan quickly adds, “I couldn’t do it without him.” They talk several times a day. Dennis reveals, “She is a relationship builder and I'm more business minded. So, it makes for a great marriage….” It is easy to understand why Dennis refers to Dyan as “a relationship builder” because the joy and serenity of the Lord is apparent in Dyan’s gentle spirit, which immediately puts you at ease.

Services and Awards

Spa Moritz offers a wide variety of luxurious spa and salon services including: body treatments, facials and peels, massages (for couples too), manicures, pedicures, spray tans, professional teeth whitening, cuts, color, conditioning treatments, and much more. There is definitely something on the menu for everyone, and they offer affordable gift card packages for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Spa Moritz has served more than 30,000 clients in the last four years. “Everything they do begins with having a servant’s heart, wanting to be a practical example of a Christian principled company in a secular world,” states Dennis. God’s faithfulness is shown in Spa Moritz’s several awards—Vive Magazine ‘06: #1 European Spa in Central Florida; Tampa Bay Metro Magazine ‘06, ‘07, ‘08, and ‘09: The Best European Salon & Spa in Tampa Bay; ‘09 Spa World Guide: Spa Moritz was selected to be published among the most Elite & Prestigious Spas in the US.

How It All Started

Dyan explained, at the time there wasn't a European day spa in this area. A dream arose from Dyan’s heart for a luxurious spa where people could go and be treated like royalty. She knew they would not only give the best services, but also show their clients warmth, compassion, and sincerity. Dyan desired to create “The Perfect Experience,” a place of refuge from the hectic world where clients would feel like they don't want to leave. With God’s help, Dyan’s dream started to take form.

From the leasing of the space to the interior construction of the spa, God’s hand was upon Spa Moritz. Dyan mentioned that this was the last space left in Tampa Palms (at that time), and God enabled them to get it. Dyan and Dennis heard stories of it taking many months to build a spa, but it only took 90 days from start to completion. The amazing part was that the contractor was done right on time. Some small issues did arise during the construction process, but they were quickly worked out through the favor of God. Dyan’s dream of creating a spectacular spa was realized in September 2005 when they opened Spa Moritz. What Makes Spa Moritz Stand Out? Dyan gets a lot of complements on the beautiful interior, but she emphasizes that the real beauty comes from within everyone who works at Spa Moritz. Dyan and Dennis explain that they prayed for amazing technicians that would have a servant’s heart and a passion for what they do. They stood in faith for the technicians, and the Lord brought the right people in. Since Spa Moritz opened, they have retained most of their technicians and continually trust the Lord to bring in the right people. Dyan comments that people love Spa Moritz’s technicians because they have a passion for what they do. In addition, all of the staff work well together and respect one another, which makes for a very peaceful atmosphere. Spa Moritz truly desires to serve their clients with excellence, while creating a comforting environment.

What truly makes Spa Moritz different than other spas? “Dyan makes the difference,” remarks Dennis. “She has the servant's heart; she has a kindness that is genuine that people feel. She has a calmness that could diffuse a bomb. She is accessible; she listens to everyone. She has an opendoor policy.” Dyan helps those in need. These qualities are a true representation of a child of God. Wherever you find a child of God, you find the presence of the Lord. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that Spa Moritz stands out from other spas and businesses – the presence of God makes all the difference.

Blessing Missionaries


“When we opened we really wanted to bless missionaries,” remarks Dyan. “We want to bless the people that don’t expect it, and we want to give back.” Dyan feels that God has blessed them with a miracle – a platform to bless missionaries. When missionaries from their church come into town, Dyan has them come to Spa Moritz. “They are out there constantly working so hard in other countries,” explains Dyan. “They come here and we don’t ask them what they like, we just book services [for them] because they’re going to say: ‘I don’t want anything, I don’t need anything.’ That is who they are—givers. So, we just say: ‘Why don’t you change into your robe and slippers, and we’ll take care of you.’” Dyan serves the missionaries by lavishing them with a day of pampering. What a great way to give back to people who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord abroad!

Spa Moritz is giving back to the community as well. Dyan supports many local and national charities throughout the year. Even some of Spa Moritz’s staff donates gift certificates for their services to various charities so that they can auction them off and raise funds. Luke 6:38 reveals when we give, it will be given back to us multiplied. Dyan, Dennis, and the Spa Moritz staff will see a return on their giving. Glory to God!

Spa Moritz Perseveres

“As people are closing left and right all around us, we have just believed God to take care of us,” states Dennis. “It isn’t about religion; it’s really about having faith in God.” Spa Moritz perseveres during this economic downturn because Dyan and Dennis put God first place in their lives and their trust in Him. They have their priorities in order. Dennis and Dyan even tell their staff that “by putting God first, family second, business third, everything always works out.” In Matthew 6:33, we are told if we put God first in our lives, then He will always provide for our every need.

These are the scriptures that Dyan and Dennis stand on for success in their business: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6, NIV), and “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, NIV). Spa Moritz is actually growing during this economy. Dyan remarks, “it’s just a miracle and a blessing, and to me it’s – Thank you Lord, every night.”

Spa Moritz adds 8 Shepré Stylists

“In a market where most are struggling to survive, two women join together and give glory to God for an answer to prayer,” states Dennis. In October 2009 Spa Moritz brought on all 8 stylists from Shepré Color & Hair Design. Dennis has provided the exciting story below:

“Sheila Ayers was faced with a decision to either close her salon or sign another lease. Sheila owned and operated Shepré Color & Hair Design for 5 years. In 2009 Sheila’s successful salon had struggled along with so many other businesses and it was time for a new lease. Sheila prayed for God’s direction but that quiet still voice was hard to hear in the midst of a storm. She had gotten married in April, and they had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby.

Sheila didn’t have peace about signing a new lease, and her thoughts turned towards her family of 8 Color Specialists who would join the growing ranks of the unemployed in Tampa Bay. However, Sheila still had faith that God would provide a way for her. On that next Saturday morning, she found out she was pregnant. Sheila knew it was her answer to prayer. Sheila felt lead to approach Spa Moritz with a proposition of taking on all of her stylists and allowing her time to just focus on doing hair and growing her baby.

Spa Moritz had a couple of top stylists, but had struggled in growing their salon side. Sheila’s proposal answered years of prayer. Dyan and Sheila worked out the details before Sheila approached her stylists with the choice of either going out on their own or following her to Spa Moritz. Dyan was overjoyed to welcome all 8 stylists.

Isn’t that what our Lord does for us too? He offers us a choice to follow Him or go our own way. We serve a God who is moved by faith and is unmoved and untouched by the economics of the world. He has His own economy and has promised to take care of each of us as we put Him first in our lives, but it doesn’t always come in the package we envisioned. This is a perfect example of eleventh hour faith that proves God will provide a way where there is no way.”

Dennis and Dyan both had peace about their decision to bring on all 8 stylists even though they had never done anything like this before. They had known Sheila for years, but had not even met Sheila’s stylists. Sheila had made the proposition to them on a Tuesday, all the staff met together on Thursday, and all 8 of the stylists started working at Spa Moritz on the following Monday. They just knew it was from God, or as Dennis and Dyan like to say, “It was a God deal.” Sheila coming to them was an answer to prayer. Many of Shepré’s clients came to Spa Moritz for spa services, and now everything is under one roof. So, it works out great for their clients too.

God’s hand was apparent throughout the whole transition. The new stylists’ personalities fit right into Spa Moritz. Dyan comments, “Isn’t that a complete miracle.” Dyan and Dennis both feel as if they hand picked Sheila and all of her stylists. They all get along great together, and this shows the blending of their personalities and similarities. “We have so much in common because we all are professionals and we all respect one another,” says Dyan. Even Sheila’s salon furniture blended right into Spa Moritz! It is awesome how God even had the little details taken care of long before this union took place.

Advice to Christian Business Owners

“During the whole planning stages [of your business] constantly be in prayer because you are making decisions that will affect your business and your life,” says Dyan. Also, pray for the Lord to bring in the right people. Dyan remarks, “There are so many things that can go wrong if you are not walking in faith.” Dyan also advises, “Constantly have a servant’s heart, and be open and ask for direction [from the Lord]: ‘What is the next step? What would you like us to do?’”

Dyan also has some good advice for business women. A very strong and successful business woman (who also works with her husband) once told Dyan, “When you come home at night, your husband is the leader of your home.” Dyan explains, “Even though there are things that I make decisions on here, at home he is the leader. You see that there are a lot of strong business women, and when they go home they don’t switch hats and then they’re strong wives.” This causes “a lot of friction in the house because God didn’t intend it to be like that,” remarks Dyan; “the man is the head [of the family].” So, Dyan’s advice is to allow your husband to be the leader of your home as God intended (see Ephesians 5:22-24).

The Lord’s presence is very apparent at Spa Moritz and in the hearts of Dyan and Dennis Piller. This is precisely what makes Spa Moritz stand out and prosper during these difficult times in Tampa Bay. I highly recommend going to Spa Moritz for one of their relaxing spa treatments or a shampoo, cut, and style, either way you will come out rejuvenated! GLORY!





Beverlie Fuller         The Advisor Magazine

“Spa Moritz: Ancient Therapy for Modern Renewal”

            Spa Moritz… the name is Swiss, in memory of the first and most beautiful healing spa in St. Moritz.  The décor is Old World Tuscany with Corinthian entrance columns and ceiling tiles from Russia.  Stone-like walls adorned with trickling fountains, oil paintings, sculptures and murals have arches trimmed in coral stone and rest on floors of Italian tile.  Wine racks have become towel racks, and beautifully carved cabinetry with granite tops hold sink basins or become a coffee bar.  Chandeliers, sconces, and candles softly light the 14 luxurious rooms while peaceful music floats through this 5,000 sq. ft. European spa and salon. The feeling is…heavenly restful relaxation and rejuvenation. 
            Modeled and fashioned after some of the world’s most elite retreats, Spa Moritz provides the ultimate escape from the everyday routine. Reminiscent of service, quality and personal attention seen only by the likes of the rich and famous, Spa Moritz now brings that level of service to Tampa, offering each guest a truly memorable and customized experience in a surrounding that is simply unmatched.
            Creating a sanctuary for the health of the whole person has been the dream of owners Dyan Piller and her husband, Dennis.  With 18 years in the skin care industry and 8 years as a Pevonia (largest line of spa products world-wide) Regional Director/Trainer, Dyan contacted top spa designers in planning Spa Moritz.   Each of the 8 elegantly appointed treatment rooms (facials, peels, post-operative care, massage therapy, couples massage, body wraps and treatments, Vichy shower wet room with 5-head rain bar) and bathrooms were specifically created for their intended purpose. Almost every spa/salon product used to pamper you can also be purchased.     
            With so much attention to the details of décor and design of Spa Moritz, the same selectivity has gone into hiring an exceptionally creative and skilled staff.  The ambiance is created by “calm and caring professionals with a servant’s heart”, says Dennis Piller. “We built Spa Moritz with uncommon elegance and want to be known for our exceptional service.”  In fact, the question most frequently heard is, “Do I have to leave?”  Yes, but come back when you want to, need to, and are ready to relax.
            Spa Moritz Salon is everything you expect from a full-service salon, but with added amenities that surprise and delight.  The full color bar carries both Redkin and Kydra colors and is computerized so your customized color formula is never lost.  All stylists are experts in color and color-correction services, too.  With 3 different kinds of lighting to replicate natural sunlight, the beauty, cut, style, and true color of your hair shines.  
            Getting ready for that special event doesn’t have to be stressful.  Spa Moritz trained professionals offer personalized advice and guidance for guests of all ages for make-up application, facials, permanent make-up, manicures, and pedicures for the finishing touches from head to toe. There are enough stations to accommodate an entire bridal party or circle of friends.
            After being invited by the Pillers to experience Spa Moritz and its uncommon elegance for myself, I was certainly not disappointed. From the very moment I walked into the grand lobby and approached the concierge, I was indeed transported into another time. Carried into a world of calming tranquility and relaxing elegance. Enjoying my pedicure and treatment almost became a secondary thought, as my mind and body embraced the rich Tuscan beauty and reveled in the personal attention and pampering I was receiving. One can only truly understand the essence of the spa by experiencing it for themselves.
            One of Dyan’s clients, radio host Nancy Alexander, is broadcasting live from the Spa Moritz Grand Open House on Nov. 12 from 1-3pm.  You’re invited on guided tours from 4-8pm. because words cannot truly describe the tranquil atmosphere, therapeutic haven, and beauty of Spa Moritz.





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